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A Christmas Carol Lyrics and Music

The beautiful words and lyrics of this popular hymn begin with "The shepherds had an angel, the wise men had a star" as the first words of this famous Christmas Carol. The words and lyrics of this A Christmas Carol hymn were written by its English author Christina Rossetti. The name of the composer is unknown. The author of the hymn, Christina Rossetti, was born December 5, 1830 and died December 29, 1894. We have placed A Christmas Carol in the category of Christmas Carols. Enjoy the festive lyrics of this classic Christmas hymn.

A Christmas Carol Hymn
Title: A Christmas Carol *** Name of Composer: Unknown *** Name Author / Writer of Lyrics: Christina Rossetti *** Hymns Category: Christmas Carols



Author of the Lyrics
The author of the lyrics of the A Christmas Carol lyrics, Christina Rossetti (December 5, 1830-December 29, 1894), was born in St. Pancras, London, England and achieved fame as a poet who wrote a variety of devotional, romantic and children's poems.

Information about the Hymn
Title of Hymn: A Christmas Carol
Author of Lyrics: Christina Rossetti (December 5, 1830 to December 29, 1894)

Translator of the Hymn lyrics: N/A Hymn written in English

Name of Composer of Music: Unknown
Hymn Category: Christmas Carols
First Line of Hymn: The shepherds had an angel, the wise men had a star
First Publication Date: 1856


A Christmas Carol Lyrics

The shepherds had an angel,
The wise men had a star;
But what have I, a little child,
To guide me home from far,
Where glad stars sing together,
And singing angels are?

The Wise Men left their country
To journey morn by morn,
With gold and frankincense and myrrh,
Because the Lord was born:
God sent a star to guide them,
And sent a dream to warn.

My life is like their journey,
Their star is like God's book.
I must be like these good Wise Men,
With heav'n-ward heart and look:
But shall I give no gifts to God?
What precious gifts they took

Lord, I will give my love to Thee,
Than gold much costlier.
Sweeter to Thee than frankincense,
More prized than the choicest myrrh,
Lord, make me dearer day by day,
Day by day holier; (Day by day holier.).

Nearer and dearer day by day,
Till I my voice unite
And sing "Glory, glory"
With angels clad in white;
All "Glory, glory" given to Thee,
All "Glory, glory" given to Thee.

Through all the heav'nly height.
All "Glory, glory."
Through all the heav'nly height.
All "Glory, glory." given to Thee


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