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Come Home Lyrics and Music

The encouraging words and lyrics of the popular hymn begin with "List! sinner, the voice of thy Savior is heard, Attend and reject not His plea" as the first line of the hymn. The words and lyrics of the "Come Home" hymn were written by its American author J. David Jaquette. The author of the hymn, J. David Jaquette, was born on 1846 and died on 1949. The blissful music that accompanies the "Come Home" song of praise was composed by William W. Vansant.  The composer of the music to the "Come Home" hymn, William W. Vansant, was born on September, 1843 and died on January 18, 1926. We have placed "Come Home" in the category of Christian Songs. Enjoy the glorifying lyrics of this popular Christian song and sacred church hymn.

Come Home Hymn
Title: Come Home *** Name of Composer: William W. Vansant *** Name Author / Writer of Lyrics: J. David Jaquette *** Hymns Category: Christian Songs



Author of the Lyrics
The author of the motivational words of the "Come Home" lyrics, J. David Jaquette (1846-1949), was born in Newark, Delaware, United States and achieved fame as a hymn writer.

Composer of Hymn Music
The composer of the music that accompanies the words of "Come Home", William W. Vansant (September, 1843-January 18, 1926), was born in Delaware, USA and became famous as a farmer, musician and composer.

Information about the Hymn
Title of Hymn: Come Home
Author of Lyrics (Hymnist): J. David Jaquette (1846 to 1949)
Nationality of Author: American

Translator of the Hymn lyrics: N/A Hymn written in English

Name of Composer of Music: William W. Vansant (September, 1843 to January 18, 1926)
Hymn Category: Christian Songs
First Line of Hymn: "List! sinner, the voice of thy Savior is heard, Attend and reject not His plea"
First Publication Date: 1900


Come Home Lyrics

List! sinner, the voice of thy Savior is heard,
Attend and reject not His plea;
He asks for thy heart, now believe on His word,
He offers sweet pardon to thee.


Come home, come home,
Come, trust in a Savior's love;
Come home, weary one, come home,
Come home to that land above.

Why linger in darkness and danger so long?
The day of salvation is near;
Come, all ye that labor, His love is so strong,
That all His sweet promise may share.


Full long has the burden of sin weighed thee down,
O, hasten to Calvary's side;
See, there on the cross He has purchased thy crown,
A ransom for sinners has died.


Despised and rejected, at length He may leave,
His Spirit no longer may strive;
His mercy and pardon, oh, wilt thou receive?
'Twill peace to thy soul quickly give.


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