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Glorious Day Lyrics and Music

The rousing words and lyrics of the revered hymn begin with "We wait for a great and glorious day, As many as love the Lord" as the first line of the hymn. Both the lyrics and the music of the "Glorious Day" hymn were written by its Swedish author and composer, Andrew L. Skoog. The writer and composer, Andrew L. Skoog, was born on December 17, 1856 and died on October 30, 1934. Andrew L. Skoog was born in Gunnarskog, Varmland, Sweden and became famous as a composer and musician. We have placed "Glorious Day" in the category of Christian Songs. Enjoy the rousing lyrics of this popular Christian song and grand church hymn.

Glorious Day Hymn
Title: Glorious Day *** Name of Writer and Composer: Andrew L. Skoog *** Hymns Category: Christian Songs



Information about the Hymn
Title of Hymn: Glorious Day
Author of Lyrics (Hymnist): Andrew L. Skoog (December 17, 1856 to October 30, 1934)
Nationality of Author: Swedish

Translator of the Hymn lyrics: Andrew L. Skoog translated his own Swedish hymn into English

Name of Composer of Music: Andrew L. Skoog
Hymn Category: Christian Songs
First Line of Hymn: "We wait for a great and glorious day, As many as love the Lord"
First Publication Date: 1889


Glorious Day Lyrics

We wait for a great and glorious day,
As many as love the Lord,
When shadows shall flee, and clouds pass away,
And weeping no more be heard.


O wonderful day, that soon may be here!
O beautiful hope, the pilgrim to cheer!
Thy coming we hail in tuneful accord,
Thou glorious day of Christ, our Lord.

In glory and pow'r our King shall appear,
And call to Himself His own;
No distance, nor death shall part them as here,
Nor sin, with its pains, be known.


For crosses we've born then crowns will be giv'n,
For tempests, eternal calm;
For pathway of thorns, rich mansions in Heav'n,
For warfare, the victor's palm.


We know not the day, we know not the hour,
When sounds the last trump so clear;
But loud rings a cry from truth's lofty tower,
"The day of the Lord is near."


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