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How Great our Joy Lyrics and Music

The sublime words and lyrics of this cherished hymn begin with "While by the sheep we watched at night" as the first words of this famous traditional German Carol. The author of the lyrics and name of the composer of the music that accompanies the "He is Born" hymn have been lost over time and are therefore unknown, but continue to be enjoyed to this day at this festive time of the year. Theme of the lyrics is the announcement of the birth of Jesus Christ and the Nativity. We hope you enjoy the lyrics of this popular Christmas carol.

How Great our Joy Hymn
Title: How Great our Joy *** Name of Composer: Unknown *** Name Author / Writer of Lyrics: Unknown *** Hymns Category: Christmas Carols



Information about the Hymn
Title of Hymn: How Great our Joy
Author of Lyrics: Unknown

Translator of the Hymn lyrics: translated from German to English by Theodore Baker (1851-1934).

Name of Composer of Music: Unknown
Hymn Category: Christmas Carols
First Line of Hymn: While by the sheep we watched at night
First Publication Date: 1800's


How Great our Joy Lyrics

While by the sheep we watched at night,
Glad tidings brought an angel bright.


How great our joy! Great our joy!
Joy, joy, joy! Joy, joy, joy!
Praise we the Lord in heaven on high!
Praise we the Lord in heaven on high!

There shall be born, so He did say,
In Bethlehem a Child today.


There shall the Child lie in a stall,
This Child who shall redeem us all.


This gift of God we’ll cherish well,
That ever joy our hearts shall fill.



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