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Lord Knows Lyrics and Music

The edifying words and lyrics of the much loved hymn begin with "I may not know the reason why Dark clouds so often veil the sky" as the first line of the hymn. The words and lyrics of the "Lord Knows" hymn were written by its American author Johnson Oatman, Jr.. The author of the hymn, Johnson Oatman, Jr., was born on April 21, 1856 and died on September 25, 1922. The blissful music that accompanies the "Lord Knows" song of praise was composed by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel.  The composer of the music to the "Lord Knows" hymn, Charles Hutchinson Gabriel, was born on August 18, 1856 and died on September 15, 1932. We have placed "Lord Knows" in the category of Christian Songs. Enjoy the elevating lyrics of this popular Christian song and long-established church hymn.

Lord Knows Hymn
Title: Lord Knows *** Name of Composer: Charles Hutchinson Gabriel *** Name Author / Writer of Lyrics: Johnson Oatman, Jr. *** Hymns Category: Christian Songs



Author of the Lyrics
The author of the uplifting words of the "Lord Knows" lyrics, Johnson Oatman, Jr. (April 21, 1856-September 25, 1922), was born in Medford, New Jersey, United States and achieved fame as a Methodist Episcopal minister and hymn writer. Johnson Oatman, Jr. was the lyricist of 5,000 Gospel songs.

Composer of Hymn Music
The composer of the music that accompanies the words of "Lord Knows", Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (August 18, 1856-September 15, 1932), was born in Wilton, Iowa, United States and became famous as a Church organist, teacher, composer and hymn writer.

Information about the Hymn
Title of Hymn: Lord Knows
Author of Lyrics (Hymnist): Johnson Oatman, Jr. (April 21, 1856 to September 25, 1922)
Nationality of Author: American

Translator of the Hymn lyrics: N/A Hymn written in English

Name of Composer of Music: Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (August 18, 1856 to September 15, 1932)
Hymn Category: Christian Songs
First Line of Hymn: "I may not know the reason why Dark clouds so often veil the sky"
First Publication Date: 1902


Lord Knows Lyrics

I may not know the reason why
Dark clouds so often veil the sky,
But though my sea be smooth or rough,
The Lord knows why, and that's enough.


O yes, He knows, the Lord knows why
These things are ordered from on high;
And though dark clouds may hide the sun,
The Lord knows why—His will be done.

I may not know why I am led
So often in the paths I dread,
But, trusting Him, I'll press my way;
The Lord knows why—I will obey.


I may not know why death should come
To take the dear ones from my home,
But, though mine eyes with tears be dim,
The Lord knows why—I'll trust in Him.


So, though I may not understand
The leadings of my Father's hand,
I know to all He has the key—
He understands each mystery.


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