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Man of Sorrows Lyrics and Music

The glorifying words and lyrics of the glorious hymn begin with ""It is finished!" Man of sorrows! From Thy cross our frailty borrows" as the first line of the hymn. The words and lyrics of the "Man of Sorrows" hymn were written by its American author Frederic Henry Hedge. The author of the hymn, Frederic Henry Hedge, was born on December 12, 1805 and died on August 21, 1890. The invigorating music that accompanies the "Man of Sorrows" song of praise was composed by David Georg Corner.  The composer of the music to the "Man of Sorrows" hymn, David Georg Corner, was born on 1585 and died on January 9, 1648. We have placed "Man of Sorrows" in the category of Christian Songs. Enjoy the lovely lyrics of this popular Christian song and grand church hymn.

Man of Sorrows Hymn
Title: Man of Sorrows *** Name of Composer: David Georg Corner *** Name Author / Writer of Lyrics: Frederic Henry Hedge *** Hymns Category: Christian Songs



Author of the Lyrics
The author of the elevating words of the "Man of Sorrows" lyrics, Frederic Henry Hedge (December 12, 1805-August 21, 1890), was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States and achieved fame as a Priest, author, rector, theologian and hymn writer.

Composer of Hymn Music
The composer of the music that accompanies the words of "Man of Sorrows", David Georg Corner (1585-January 9, 1648), was born in Hirschberg, Silesia and became famous as a Priest, author, theologian, musician and composer.

Information about the Hymn
Title of Hymn: Man of Sorrows
Author of Lyrics (Hymnist): Frederic Henry Hedge (December 12, 1805 to August 21, 1890)
Nationality of Author: American

Translator of the Hymn lyrics: N/A Hymn written in English

Name of Composer of Music: David Georg Corner (1585 to January 9, 1648)
Hymn Category: Christian Songs
First Line of Hymn: ""It is finished!" Man of sorrows! From Thy cross our frailty borrows"
First Publication Date: 1853


Man of Sorrows Lyrics

"It is finished!" Man of sorrows!
From Thy cross our frailty borrows
Strength to bear and conquer thus.

While extended there, we view Thee:
Mighty Suff'rer, draw us to Thee,
Sufferer victorious!

Not in vain for us uplifted:
Man of Sorrows, wonder gifted
May that sacred emblem be.

Lifted high amid the ages:
Guide of heroes, saints, and sages,
May it guide us still to Thee.

Still to Thee, whose love unbounded
Sorrow's depth's for us has sounded,
Perfected by conflicts sore.

Honored be Thy cross forever:
Star, that points our high endeavor,
Whither Thou hast gone before!

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